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All coaches must be dressed in a collared polo style shirt all weekend while coaching. Casual shorts are allowed. There will be absolutely no athletic wear (tee shirts, athletic shorts or opened toed shoes) allowed on the bench while coaching. All coaches must show a valid ID to obtain a coaches band at check in.

All coaches must check in and get there coaching bands at the gym in which they play and not another gym. Coaching bands will only be distributed at the gym in which you are checking in. All players wanting to watch a game while not playing must go to the gym in which they play to check in first. All teams playing at 8:00am on Saturday are encouraged to come to the gym in which they play Friday night and be checked in.

For those of you who have teams playing games at Athletic Republic, please be aware that its policy is that general patrons are not allowed to bring outside food or drinks of any kind into the facility. Coaches and players are allowed to bring in individual non-spill squirt bottles or coaches caddies (i.e. Gatorade squirt bottle) for player hydration. There are plenty of drink options within its cafeteria and vending machines.

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Last updated:  June 13, 2018 11:15 A.M.

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