Boys Committed Teams – June 2019 Tournament (2nd – 6th Grade)

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2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

1CBF Lightning (FL)*
Akron Infantry (OH)*Bankshot (MD)Area 270 Stars (MD)BABC Prep (CA)
2Grind Academy (NC)Bankshot (MD)Castle Athletics (NY)*Bankshot (MD)Baltimore Dream Team (MD)*
3Guard Fam (NY)*Gauchos (NY)DMV Wildcats (MD)*Blueprint (MD)*Below The Rim (OK)*
4HC United (MD)Grind Academy (NC)*FBCG - Gold (MD)Blueprint - Grey (MD)*Black OPS (DC)
5Madison Buccaneers (MD)*King of the Court (MI)Gauchos (NY)*Bull City Nets (NC)Black OPS (NY)
6NY Lions (NY)*Madison Buccaneers (MD)Grind Academy (NC)Castle Athletics (NY)*Brooklyn Bridge (NY)*
7Positive Direction (NY)*NC Gaters (NC)Hard Work Basketball (OH)Eastern Shore Aces (MD)*Bull City Nets (NC)
8Riverside Hawks (NY)New World (MD)*Jersey City Boys Club (NJ)Expression Elite (MA)BWSL 2025 (VA)*
9Team Delaware (DE)Positive Direction (NY)*King of the Court (MI)FBCG - Gold (MD)Carolina Wolfpack (NC)
10Team Durant (MD)Rens (NY)Much Greater Elite (LA)Florida Nets (FL)Castle Athletics (NY)*
11Team Jacko (PA)Riverside Hawks (NY)New World (MD)*Grind Academy (NC)CBF Lightning (FL)
12Team Takeover - Orange (MD)*Skills Center Elite (FL)*NY Lions (NY)*Hard Work Basketball (OH)DC Premier -UAA (DC)*
13WeR1 (DE)Team Bos (MA)Ohio Kings (OH)Harlem 4 Life (NY)Eastern Shore Aces (MD)*
14Team Delaware (DE)Philly Triple Threat - Bethea (PA)Hope Basketball (NY)*Gainesville Elite (VA)*
15Team Durant (MD)Philly Triple Threat - Greene (PA)H-Town Elite (MD)*Game Speed (MI)*
16Team Jacko (PA)*Rens (NY)Ivy Lions (NY)Gauchos - Mitchell (NY)
17Team Thrill (MD)Riverside Hawks (NY)King of the Court (MI)Grind Academy - Gold (NC)
18TJ Lakers (MD)Severn Elite (MD)*King Street Kings (NJ)Grind Academy - Red (NC)
19The Family - A (MI)Team Assault (VA)LBA Attack - Blue (VA)Hard Work Basketball (OH)
20TNBA South (FL)Team Choo (MD)*LBA Attack - White (VA)Hope Basketball (NY)*
21We R 1 Future (PA)Team Delaware (DE)League Bound (NJ)*H-Town Elite (MD)*
22Team Durant (MD)Madison Buccaneers (MD)Jersey City Boys Club (NJ)
23Team Loaded 2027 (VA)Mean Streets (IL)K-Low Elite (PA)*
24Team Power (GA)Much Greater Elite (LA)King Street Kings (NJ)
25The Family (MI)New Life Basketball (NJ)Mac Irvin Fire (IL)
26TNBA South (FL)New World AAC (MD)Madison Buccaneers (MD)
27We R 1 Future (PA)Nova 94 Feet - Orange (VA)Manimal (KY)
28Ohio Kings (OH)Maryland Dreamchasers (MD)
29Ohio Phenoms Academy (OH)Nightrydas Elite (FL)*
30Philly Triple Threat - Carter (PA)Ohio Phenoms Academy (OH)
31Philly Triple Threat - King (PA)Philly Triple Threat - Edwards (PA)
32PK Flash (NC)Philly Triple Threat - Ross (PA)
33River City Reign (VA)Rens (NY)
34Riverside Hawks (NY)Riverside Hawks (NY)
35Skills Center Elite (FL)*Skills Center Elite - Orange (FL)*
36Team Assault (VA)Skills Center Elite - White (FL)*
37Team Bos (MA)Team Assault (VA)
38Team Delaware (DE)Team BBC - Blue (MD)*
39Team Durant (MD)Team BBC - White (MD)*
40Team Loaded - Black (VA)Team Choo (MD)*
41Team Melo (MD)*Team Delaware (DE)
42Team Power (GA)Team Dominate (MD)*
43Team Takeover - Black (MD)*Team Dose (OH)*
44The Family (MI)Team Durant (MD)
45TJ Lakers (MD)Team Hustle (MD)*
46TNBA South (FL)Team Loaded - White (VA)
47Triad Kings (NC)Team Melo (MD)
48Ward 5 Warriors (DC)Team Open Court (AL)
49We All Fam (MD)*Team Power (GA)
50We R 1 Future (PA)Team Takeover - Grant (MD)
51WAG-G Elite (VA)*Team Thrill - Black (MD)*
52WCBA Blue 2026 (NC)*Team Thrill UAA (MD)*
53Young Bucks (NY)*The Family (MI)*
54TNBA East (OH)*
55Top Tier Basketball (MD)*
56Westside Warriors (NY)
57WV Burn (WV)

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