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Welcome to the official home page for the Maryland Invitational Tournament, know simply on the AAU circuit as “MIT”. Founded in 1994 by Gary Pinkney, the MIT has grown to be one of the largest AAU basketball tournaments in the country. The Maryland Invitational Tournament will offer an age based and grade based division for both tournaments in February and June. Boys 8u to 9u will be aged based while 10u to 17u will be grade based.

Eligibility Requirement

All players (Boys teams 8u to 9u) participating in the age division must have one of the following proofs of eligibility. A valid non-drivers license ID, A valid passport or a walkers ID. For those kids that cannot get one of those items listed above you must have a current semester report card and valid birth certificate.

All players (Boys 4th grade to 8th grade) must have valid birth certificate and a current semester report card to participate in the grade based division.

Boys 9th grade to 11th grade will not have to show proof of eligibility as they are playing in a High School division.

Any players not listed on the roster will not be allowed admittance into the tournament and will have to pay to enter the gym.

MIT Deadline

Coaches – You must have your roster and payment submitted by February 1, 2018 (No Exceptions). No players or coaches can be added after this deadline. Failure to submit your roster by the deadline will result in your team getting one coaches band for the head coach ONLY. All other coaches will have to pay to enter the gym.

All rosters and payments for the June 2018 MIT tournament are due May 25, 2018 (No Exceptions).

What is MIT?

MIT is a three day nationally ranked AAU tournament for boys with a minimum of three scheduled pool games. Single elimination bracket play will determine the teams to be awarded the prestigious MIT championship crown.

When does MIT take place?

The MIT dates will be February 17th & 18th and June 8-10, 2018. The registration deadline for the February tournament will be February 1, 2018 and the deadline for the June tournament is May 25, 2018. All teams must be registered and paid by the registration deadline or they will not participate in the tournament (No Exceptions). All registration fees are non-refundable.


8u - 14u Boys$375
15u - 17u Boys $450

Where does MIT take place?

MIT takes place in the Washington, DC area at various gyms throughout MD, DC and VA. The MIT staff is committed to ensuring that the the unique needs of every coach, parent and student – athlete is satisfied. For more information on MIT, please contact tournament director Gary Pinkney at

The MIT staff is committed to ensuring that the unique needs of every coach, parent and student-athlete is satisfied. For information on MIT, please contact Gary Pinkney at

What is the Admission Fee for MIT?

Daily Admission Per Spectator

CHILDREN (ages 5 – 9) $5.00$10.00$10.00
4 AND UNDERFreeFreeFree

Weekend Pass Per Spectator

CHILDREN (ages 5 – 9) $15